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Invest with Cryptocurrency and/or Naira

Earn 5% Monthly

Refer and receive 3% referral bonus Per Referral.

Min Investment is $200 (crypto)

Min Withdrawal 200 USD

Can Withdraw Capital but comes with a charge

At Your Service

On Track

No fake payments. Transactions are processed using the Blockchain network


Our deals are Genuine which makes Us more reliable

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Let Your Money Work For You

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When Do I Get Paid After Investing?

Your account gets credited with earned interest for the week every Friday but withdrawal opens every 28th to the last day of the month. You are required to withdraw from your backoffice before you get funds into your payment gateway.

How Much Will Be My Returns After Investing?

You earn 4% weekly for 52 weeks or 16 to 20% monthly for 12 months (1year)

What is Ecryptopay?

Ecryptopay is a cryptocurrency trading, investment(ECP Coin), exchange and education program

How Do I Invest?

Load your e-currency account with your funds, login into your account, click on invest, select payment gateway and enter amount and submit. On the next page you will see the number of coins or amount to send. Follow next prompts and submit.

Where Can I Buy and Sell my ECP, BTC and ETH?

You can Buy and Sell ECP Coin, BTC and ETH at this trusted exchanger for Ghanaians and Nigerians goalabizexchange.com

How Much Is Your Minimum Investment Amount?

$100 or N40,000 or XAF60,000. STANDARD RATES: 1USD = 400 NAIRA, 600 FRANCE XAF

What Are Your Payment Gateways?

ECP Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge Coin, and Other Cryptos. Naira for Nigeria and XAF for the Francophone countries

What Is Earnings Transfer?

Earnings Transfer is the transferring of earnings from one member to the other to use for an investment or to add up to their 'Available Withdrawal' balance.

Can I Invest For Others?

Yes, you can invest for others directly without they going through the system if only you have enough Available Earnings. Select 'Earnings Transfer', account type, gateway, enter amount and investors username, select INVESTMENT at 'Transfer As'

How Long Does It Take To Process Withdrawals And Investments?

Within 24 hrs for ECP Coin investors and within 72 hrs for all other payment gateways


We don't advice you go for loans to invest. As cryptocurrency is highly volatile, there might be a delay in exchanging crypto to cash hence cash payouts delay unlike crypto to crypto. Terms and Conditions: https://ecryptopay.com/legal/terms_and_condition

Do You Reward Your Clients For Introducing Other Investors?

Yes, we give a referral commission or an instant bonus of 7% on your downlines invested amounts. And this is a big deal to make more money aside your weekly earnings. Good for all and especially network marketers worldwide.

Can I Reinvest With My Earnings?

Yes, you can reinvest with your earnings by simply using the 'Earnings Transfer' option at your backoffice. Click Earnings Transfer, select main account, select payment gateway, enter amount and at username enter your own username and submit. Done!